Travel Guide : Taking Picture Perfect Photos in Australia

We take pictures to be able to relive important moments in our lives. Maybe you wanted to capture a moment of utmost beauty, to remember the vows made on your wedding day, or maybe just to explore something new. For whatever reason, photographs will always be synonymous with memories. Whether it is for a profession or a hobby, it is important to learn the basics.

Basic Photography Tips

You have to take careful consideration of the lighting, the kind of camera used, and of course the subject you intend to shoot. Photography is not as simple as it looks. You do not just take the shot, you think and plan on what you want your picture to show. Photography enthusiasts know there is such a thing as good composition.

Be Mindful of Composition

Photography composition is the design and the message you want to convey when someone takes a look at your photo. It is the yin and yang of photography. When you take a trip to “down under”, you will be amazed at the endless subjects you will see in the great outback, the scenic beaches, and even in the midst of their central business district located in downtown Sydney.

The beauty of nature may be artistically shown through landscape photography. The sandy strands at Settlers Beach in Western Australia can go from looking like a ripple of water to an abstract painting, with the proper techniques.

You may opt to take pictures of Australia’s floral emblem, the Golden Wattle. It is such a beautiful tree to look at, yet to capture what you want from it, you have to find the perfect angle. Try different points of view, from below the ground to high above.

Think About Action Shots and Camera Lens

Panning is a technique photographers use when they blur the edges or the background and make their subject stand-out. Alternitively if you want to take in the entire landscape you can opt to make a panoramic shot. A long landscape photo that conveys large scenery.

There is this majestic view in Uluru called Ayers Rock. It has slopes, which are uneven and steep, making it a postcard-perfect subject for photographers.

Deer and kangaroos are often the wildlife models thought to represent Australia. You should not pass the chance of taking their picture when you seem them. However, you need an excellent camera, one with high tech specifications. Your equipment should include a long lens of about 300mm, or the more expensive and extra long lenses of up to 600mm. These are essential for you to take photos of wildlife from afar. Animals in their natural habitat provide unexpected shots of great value, if you are well-equipped with the right gadget.

Think about Location and Subject Matter

Bondi Beach and Surfer’s Paradise are also breathtaking views you may want to visit, while you are in the country. More than 3 million tourists flock to Surfer’s Paradise on this part of the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The Eyre Peninsula in South Australia also offers dramatic, picturesque shots of the ocean and cliffs. You can spend time at the Whyalla Conservation Park, taking pictures of birds, kangaroos and other wildlife. It boasts of abundant variety of wildlife, in fact you can see Grey and Red Kangaroos in this part of Australia. There are a lot more places to visit, so do not forget your camera!

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